Projects in Progress


My next novel, Canus is a space opera that traces two narrators through their interactions with the Draconin Group--a conglomerate aiming to colonize the galaxy. This project is currently being queried.


The Lady or the Dagger

A short story about famous femme fatale Mata Hari.

Mata Hari left her life as Margaretha MacLeod behind when she came to Paris—and since she’s found herself in the employ of both the French and German militaries, she’s put the past even farther behind her, to the point where she sometimes forgets the East Indies sun, the days at the temple learning to dance, the children she never got to raise. She has become the dagger, the weapon that her handlers wield against their enemies, a tool to be used. Most days, she understands her role. Some days, she relishes it.

This project has been accepted for anthology publication.