DIMMERY OF PATROL ACADEMY Coming Soon 2018 from Pro Se

My story series, DIMMERY OF PATROL ACADEMY, has been picked up for publication as part of Pro Se Productions' Single Shot Signatures line!

DIMMERY follows the titular hero, a reptilian alien, as he strives to become one of the elite Patrol Enforcers. Becoming a Patroller is hard work--particularly when your commanding officer doesn't like you and when an old evil seems to be on the move again. But Dimmery has smarts and some pretty talented friends to help him keep the galaxy safe.

For the full press release with details on DIMMERY and the other series in the Single Shot Signatures line, check Pro Se's Facebook announcement here.

Rocket City Author Event July 21

I'll be attending the Rocket City Author Event Saturday, July 21 at the VBC in Huntsville, AL. My stock will be relatively limited, but I'll have copies of EVIN and limited copies of MATA HARI H21: THE EYE OF DAWN, which includes my short story "The Lady or the Dagger," and of A GRIMM IMAGINATION, which includes my "Red Snow, PI" story. Tickets are available here.

MATA HARI H21: THE EYE OF DAWN now available!


Dancer...Seductress...Spy... They called her Mata Hari.

Pro Se Productions presents seven new tales of espionage and seduction, featuring the legendary female spy as she battles her enemies across Europe and beyond.

“There may not be a more tantalizing, truly amazing historical figure to have existed than Mata Hari,” says Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions. “And when the man behind this project, David James Foster came to me with an idea for a collection of tales centered around her, the answer was simple. This is the sort of project Pro Se thrives on. Pro Se Productions is a company about reviving characters from the past, real or fictional. Mata Hari, in many ways, uniquely qualifies as both, so a new collection of tales swirling around her seemed a perfect fit for Pro Se.”

History’s infamous super spy returns in a rip roaring collection of adventure tales that prove Mata Hari was more than a double agent who used her powers of seduction to extract military secrets from her many lovers.

The tales told in MATA HARI: AGENT H21 - THE EYE OF DAWN range from the adventurous and esoteric, to the hauntingly personal, courtesy of authors James Hopwood, Shannon Court, Simone Torey, Justin Manuel Sawyer, Marie Beaud, A. S. Crowder, and E. W. Farnsworth. Intrigue and danger wait on every page for Agent H21!


Southern Authors Expo

I'll be attending this year's Southern Authors Expo at the Main Branch of the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library this Saturday, August 19 from 10-4. I'll have copies of Evin available for purchase. Be sure to stop by and see me--and check out the rest of the great authors at the event.

More details on the Expo and a list of participating authors can be found here.